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The number of people we have helped seal or expunge their records since 2015.

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The number of Americans arrested, hurting job, housing, and school choices.1


Lifetime earnings will increase by at least 30% with an erased record.2

I had a lot of trouble getting a job and I couldn't afford an attorney to seal my criminal record until I found Expeal.

Elizabeth P. - Miami, FL
Customer Service

The flat fee Expeal gave me was exactly what I needed to erase my criminal record and pass a background check.

Mark A. - Tallahassee, FL
IT Specialist

Only Expeal gave me the full price, court costs and everything, up front. Everyone else tried to hide it until it was too late.

Jorge C. - Orlando, FL
Shift Manager

Erasing Criminal Records Made Easier

Expeal gives you every single thing you need to seal or expunge your record for free. From official forms to the very same step-by-step instructions that attorneys use, you get it all.

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The Benefits Of Expealing Your Record

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  • Find A Better Job
  • Get Better Housing
  • Get Scholarships
  • State Licenses
  • Restore Voting Rights
  • Possess Firearms
  • Better Loan Rates
  • Lower Insurance Rates

You Are More Than Your Record
There's a reason everyone is pushing to Ban The Box - the second you check yes, that is all people see. Erase your record so everyone opens their eyes to who you really are.

Nothing Is Easier

  • Only Expeal gives every form for free.
  • Only Expeal provides pre-filled forms.
  • Only Expeal has nationwide coverage.
  • Only Expeal gives you world-class lawyers.

Secure Forms: Made Just For You

With the information you provide, every single document required will be created and filled out with your specific information.

This includes everything from letters, petitions, motions, orders, and whatever else you may need in your state. It is literally the same exact set of documents we give to our attorneys. We give the power to the people!

Expeal's forms are available on every single device.

Straightforward Fees

Find Out If You Qualify: Free
Every Official Form: Free
Every State Statute: Free
Pre-Filled Forms: $99
Attorney Access: One Flat Fee

No Gimmicks. No Games.

If you choose our pre-filled forms or you hire one of our attorneys, you will NEVER be charged anything more than the price we list. That means no court costs, no postage, no fees, and no charges of any kind other than what you pay when you sign up.

Free Instructions and Forms
Every official link and requirement is provided, free of charge.

Personalized Documents
All the paperwork you need to erase your record, pre-filled with your information.

Access to Top Attorneys
Hire the best expungement attorneys on a flat-fee basis - no fees or costs.

Unmatched Customer Support

With real attorneys on our support staff, you will get the right answers, right away.

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