How does RecordSweeper compare to competitors?

There are a number of competitors out there, some of whome charge and others that are free. The big difference between RecordSweeper and the rest is that we not only involve the criminal record erasing experts from Expeal, but we also allow the entire public to contribute through our GitHub repository.

There's a big advantage in having a person -- whether it is our team, people who have contributed to the rpo, or yourself going through the steps -- remove your information manually. Many of these sites change their procedures regularly in order to trip up automated services. We make sure our instructions are accurate and allow people to help us update the information if we haven't got to it.

We also go a step further by offering tips on how to stay safe online, including an ad-blocking plug-in. We'd appreciate it if you whitelist us, but you don't have to if you don't want to!

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