How many arrests can I erase?

The law in the state of Florida says that only one criminal history record can be sealed or expunged. In fact, if you have ever had a record expunged before, you can no longer seal or expunge a record. If you've ever had a record sealed before, you can no longer seal any other record - you can only expunge the sealed record if you still qualify after 10 years have passed. Finally, it is important to note that since July 1, 2013, if you have had a record sealed or expunged before in another state, it won't disqualify you from sealing or expunging a record in Florida. This doesn't mean only one charge can be sealed or expunged, but rather, only the charges related to one individual case can be sealed or expunged.

It is important to note that a record that is expunged or sealed automatically because of the law, without any petition or other action by you, is not considered a prior expunction or sealing for the purpose of this rule. Also, as explained in Florida Statutes, section 943.0582(8), a juvenile diversion expunction does not count either - the person still qualifies for a judicial expunction or sealing under Florida Statutes, sections 943.0585 or s. 943.059. Find out if your reecord qualifies by using our qualification form.

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