Who uses RecordSweeper?

Just about everyone uses RecordSweeper. The type of people who have contacted us and we know use the service include but are not limited to people who:

  • Want privacy because they don't want others to be able to find them.
  • Need privacy because there are others who want to find or expose them - whether stalkers, exes, or online trolls.
  • Don't want others to make money from selling their personal information.
  • Want to ensure that their families are safe.
  • Have business interests that would benefit from privacy.
  • Are law enforcement, judges, prosecutors, public defenders, and others involved in the criminal justice system.
  • Were convicted of a crime but want to move beyond ta past mistake.
  • Are famous or otherwise public figures that want to ensure people contact them through official rather than personal channels.
  • Don't want to figure out how to opt-out of these services on their own.

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