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Everything you need to avoid being one of the 17.6 million Americans who have their identities stolen every year.

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The number of people we have helped seal or expunge their records since 2015.

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The number of Americans who have experienced identity theft in their life.


The average amount of damages a person suffers from one instance of identity theft.

I don't qualify to seal or expunge my criminal record but Expeal's RecordSweeper helped me clear my name and get a job!

Mike F. - Chicago, IL

My girlfriend's ex was stalking her and harassing me. Removing our records with RecordSweeper finally gave us peace.

Jacqueline E. - Withheld

My credit was destroyed because of someone who stole my identity. Thanks to Expeal's RecordSweeper, it won't happen again.

Antonio M. - Jacksonville, FL

Erasing Public Records Made Easier

RecordSweeper gives you every single thing you need to erase your public record for free. From links to addresses to the very same step-by-step instructions that attorneys use, you get it all.

Find which sites have your info

Get opt-out instructions for free

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Enjoy your clean record!

The Benefits Of RecordSweeper

Why Use RecordSweeper

  • Stop Identity Theft
  • Protect Your Privacy
  • Keep Stalkers Away
  • Escape Online Trolls

Take Back Your Privacy
Whether you want to get over a mistake from your past, you're trying to make sure you aren't doxxed online, or you simply want to keep your info safe, RecordSweeper by Expeal can help.

Nothing Is Easier

  • The fastest opt-outs.
  • Completely free.
  • Regularly updated.
  • Created by Expeal.

Every Step: Completely Free

We have gone through every site, read their terms of service and privacy policy, and found the easiest way to remove your information.

This includes everything from online links, addresses of where to send letters, or fax numbers to send documents. It is literally the same exact set of documents we give to our attorneys. We give the power to the people!

Expeal's forms are available on every single device.

Everything is Free

Instructions for Aggregators: Free
Instructions for the DMA: Free
Instructions for Individual Sites: Free
Instructions for Mugshot Sites: Free

No Gimmicks. No Games.

We offer everything we have for free and hold nothing back. With our GitHub repository, we offer complete transparency. In fact, it even allows you and anyone else to contribute so we're always a step-ahead!

Free Instructions and Steps
Every official link and requirement is provided, free of charge.

Every Type of Site
We are always looking for new aggregators, individual sites, and mugshot sites.

Access to our Lists
We have everything on GitHub, allowing everyone to help keep this up-to-date!

Unmatched Customer Support

With real attorneys on our support staff, you will get the right answers, right away.

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(844) 839-7325

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