Before You Finish

There are a few steps you should take to make sure that when you clear your public record, it stays clear. These are the same things we do, for ourselves and our families. These are also things you should do whether you qualify to erase your criminal record or not.

  1. Protect your browser. Download HTTPS Everywhere for your web browser. This will make sure every website you use is secure and whatever you data you transmit is encrypted.
  2. Protect your information online. Download uBlock Origin (not uBlock!). This is an open-source, user-supported adblocker that is the best in the business. The original uBlock was bought by a company that sells user information, so the community came together to make the origin version, bringing things back to their roots. Please don't forget to whitelist our site!
  3. Protect your searches. Consider using StartPage or DuckDuckGo instead of Google for your private searches. StartPage uses Google's search engine, giving you the same exact results, but strips all of your informaton so Google can't track you or your searches. We recommend you set up your preferences to use EU-based servers, and set it as your default search engine for your browser toolbar. DuckDuckGo has similar privacy features but provides it's own search results.
  4. Protect your phone number. Register your phone number's on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)'s Do Not Call Registry. This will allow you to seek fines and civil penalties, as well as attorney fees and costs, if a telemarketing firm, collections firm, or anyone else calls you unsolicited.
  5. Protect your credit. Obtain your credit report from each of the three reporting agencies. Even though this is the official government-mandated source for credit reports, there are still advertisements and sales pitches. Make sure you do NOT buy or subscribe to any of the plans the three agencies try to trick you into buying. You can also use sites like Credit Karma and Nerd Wallet, but they also try to sell you on different programs.

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