Mugshot Sites

Unlike the opt-outs of the public record databases, removing your information from mugshot sites is not as easy. Many of these websites charge several hundred dollars to remove your mugshot and other criminal history information. Some sites will remove your record for free, but that is only if you record was sealed or expunged.


    Rating: Medium

    In order to remove your mugshot from, you'll have to follow a few steps:

    1. Find your profile.
    2. Click on the link "Record Removal".
    3. If you qualify for one of the reasons provided, send the information requested.


    Rating: Hard is currently changing their removal policy and has put a freeze on all removals except for the following reasons:

    1. Records that have been Expealed.
    2. Records of people who have died.

    If you record fits one of those reasons, you have to send either the order or death certificate to


    Rating: Hard is the worst site on the internet. They are operated by Julkisuudessa, LLC, which is based out of Nevis in the West Indies. The only way to remove your mugshot, whether it has been Expealed or not, is to use this link and pay $399 and up.

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