Who We Are

Expeal.com was started by two attorneys, Omid Ghaffari-Tabrizi, Esq. and Peter Huy, Esq. After years and years of watching people who were arrested being shoved through the court system and ending up with their charges dropped, being found not guilty, or ending up being convicted - whether by judge, jury, or plea bargain - of small mistakes and meaningless crimes, we knew we had to use our legal education to put a stop to this. This was especially true when we found out most people don't even know about Expeal and the process involved to clear your background check of a criminal history. For those who were aware, they were often ripped off by attorneys or other websites who tried to take advantage of people in distress.

While we are very much real attorneys, we developed Expeal.com outside the attorney-client relationship so we can keep prices low. You don't need an attorney and you don't need to pay attorney fees. That is just adding insult to injury.

In fact, we won‘t charge you any attorney fees, only one simple flat fee for the package you select. We wanted to keep costs low so everyone can use the system. Expeal.com is the easiest, quickest, and most affordable way to finally get the second chance you deserve.

Whether innocent or not, the criminal record everyone gets once they are arrested makes it harder to get a job, find safe and affordable housing, or get into schools. All this even after a person's debt to society has been paid. This is not right. You earned - and you deserve - your second chance.

Every single one of us at Expeal.com do this day in and day out and know exactly how to seal or expunge a criminal record quickly and without mistakes. We trust in you to give back to society. Trust in us to help you do it.

Expeal.com is the easy, quick, and cheap way to seal and expunges criminal records.